A. School overview

1. Full Name of school : SMK Negeri 1 (STM Pembangunan) Temanggung
2. Year of legitimation 31/12/1975
3. Site Address Jl. Kadar Maron, Sidorejo, Po Box 104,  Temanggung 56221
4. Telp (Fax) Number (0293) 4901639
5. Website address http:/
6. e-mail address
7. Nearest city and its population Temanggung,
8. Status of school Public School
9. Type of Education Vocational Senior Secondary Education (VE) attached to Directorate of Technical and Vocational Education (DTVE)
10. Vocational comprised Agribusiness and Agrotechnology
11. Skill Program
  1. Agribusiness for agricultural product, excelling in Agricultural Product Processing Technology (concentrating to Food Processing).
  2. Agribusiness for Crop Production, excelling in  Agribusiness for Estate Crop.
  3. Chemical Technique, excelling in Chemical Analysis.
12. Accreditation The School is accredited by Province Accreditation Body. Agricultural Product Processing Technology: A,

and Agribusiness for Estate Crop: A

13. ISO Certification SAI Global conducted a recertification audit on 15-17/09/2009
14. Academic Calendar Seven 45-minute periods of instruction make up the student day.  The annual school calendar beginning at 2nd week of July and ending at 2nd week of June.
15. Vision Statement To be a school that affords professional graduates and employs occupational opportunities in Global era.
16. Mission Statement 1.  To prepare qualified educational resources so it is useful to develop potencies of student.

2.  To conduct student-oriented teaching-learning process and mastering in competencies required by industries

3.  To provide a conductive learning atmosphere so resulting in high grade cultural urge.

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